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Openness, inclusion and tolerance

An open and protected space for working on the challenges to democracy, on openness, inclusion and tolerance – that is the future vision of the project group for the Open Embassy for Democracy, centered around the Montag Foundations from Bonn. At the heart of this vision is the heritage-listed building of the former American Club at the HiCoG settlement in Plittersdorf/Bad Godesberg, which is in need of renovation and is to be given a new lease of life befitting old traditions. The goal is a non-profit funding model: Following the phase of renovation and participative project development, civil society groups will take over long-term joint responsibility and ensure ongoing operation going forward with their diverse commitment. All citizens are invited to contribute their ideas and thoughts, to become ambassadors of democracy, and to actively shape the future program of the Open Embassy for Democracy.

Bonn - Bad Godesberg
Open Embassy for Democracy

By all, for all – historic site in Bonn becomes a future home for democracy and the arts.

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